Fall In Love With You

September 5, 2019

Fall in Love With Yourself


“Self Love” is a trendy phrase these days. But do you really understand what self love means? It literally means to love yourself- not to “treat yo self” once in a while to a spa day or sweet treat (although, that can be a way to show yourself some love). Self Love is consistent. It is to constantly be falling in love with who you ARE. Have you realized your passions? Do you understand who you really are? What do you actually LOVE about YOU?!? I’m making it a point to love myself a bit more each day because honestly, I haven’t been doing a very good job. It’s MY responsibility to establish love within myself.


Here are some new things I’ve been trying:


  • Writing a love letter to myself

  • Practicing the art of saying, “No”

  • Eating food that makes my body happy

  • Taking myself on a date!

  • Heading to bed early – I reflect on my day here and allow myself to decompress instead of holding in the tension from the day

  • Starting a daily journal - there are TONS of prompts online if you ever feel you have "nothing to write about" 

  • Speaking kindly to myself (You could totally try this in the mirror!!!)


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never practiced self-love before – it’s never too late to start! Your heart will thank you for it!


You are loved.



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September 5, 2019

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