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May 1, 2019

Did you know that advocating time to your SELF is extremely important regarding your mental health? On this #wellnesswednesday and in honor of Maternal Mental Health Day, we're focusing on empowering others to set aside time for their physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. 


Personal Testimony: Club Pilates is the TRUTH!


I haven't been practicing what I preach. I've been stressing - I've been over eating and I haven't made time for myself the way I should. Today, that changed. I have more energy than ANY cup of coffee could ever provide and I feel freaking awesome. If you have not tried a class with Club Pilates, I strongly urge you to. They can meet individuals needs on any level and everyone starts from square 1 with a Beginners Class. 


Pilates engages your ENTIRE body. When I say entire, I mean, we worked every muscle and every aspect of the body and I did not have an opportunity to let my mind wander, because I had to remain present & focused, in the moment.



Don't get me wrong, this piece of equipment called a "Reformer" (not the cuddliest name), is pretty intense looking - but honestly, when you LAY on it (yes, you get to lay down!!!) it takes all the pressure from your joints (the ones you aren't working) and assists in keeping your spine in alignment!



In further speaking with instructor, Stacey Ransenhousen, regarding the KIRM mission she added, "I'm not personally a mom, but I can say that I see mothers going without designating time to themselves, which isn't good for anyone to do. The Club Pilates program is a phenomenal way to not only designate time to yourself, but to strengthen your mind & body."


Club Pilates Supports KIRM:


Club Pilates South Providence initially found Keep It Real Mommy on social media and wanted to help support our mission! They will be hosting a class just for KIRM in November 2019 AND have generously donated several goodies as a raffle item for the upcoming 1st Annual Mama Palooza! We are honored to have their support, especially from manager, Shawna Baker, who initially reach out our way to learn more about us and how to support our KIRMunity! 


Ready to try a FREE Beginner's class??? Awesome, click here to find a Club Pilates near you! 


*Side Note* You'll need socks...and they're the cutest!!! 








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