Maternal Mental Health Matters: A Feature with therapist, Amy Jane Williams, MA, LPC

April 22, 2019

Maternal mental health matters, and at Keep It Real Mommy, we believe mothers should be provided opportunities that will educate, empower & engage - teaching and empowering mothers how to utilize what they have learned and apply it in their everyday lives. We focus on three areas: Mind, Body & Soul. This ensures that we are supporting ALL of each mother, not simply one facet. 


Amy is disarming. She allows individuals to feel through their emotions, while working through these emotions in a healthy, supported manner. Amy is passionate in regard to maternal mental health and has agreed to partner with Keep It Real Mommy to empower mothers with practical therapeutic tools they can use everyday.




Amy Jane Williams MA LPC is a counselor and owner of her own therapy practice Amy Williams Wellness.  She is also the creator of a brand, Wanda Petunia.  Wanda is Amy’s imaginary pig friend and muse who has turned into a lifestyle movement of caring for and loving yourself and connecting with your inner child through books, plushies, workshops, classes and more.


Amy earned her undergrad from Purdue while she was a very young mom.  After she had her second son through adoption, Amy worked several years and then decided to go back and get a graduate degree in counseling.  Amy had already started her own personal journey to heal childhood issues through therapy and felt getting a degree would be helpful.


“I read Scott Peck’s book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and realized I wanted to help others and be a writer too.  I still remember so many key points from that book and how it changed my life.” - Amy Jane Williams


Amy completed her graduate degree while her sons were still in middle and high school.  She joined the mental health field and worked as a therapist in what felt like a factory mental health setting for years, where she would eventually have severe anxiety and panic attacks.  Finally, she jumped ship to follow her own mental and physical health needs by starting her own business.


Amy focuses on providing a safe space where each person can explore their unique personality, traumas, triggers and needs to explore how to get in touch with their true nature and live a life of inner freedom and peace.


Amy says, “Meeting Dani and being involved with KIRM (Keep It Real Mommy) has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. Even though I’m a therapist and I’ve done so much healing work, it wasn’t until I met Dani that I realized I had unresolved postpartum issues from decades ago.  I am so grateful for this insight and all the amazing work KIRM does to help moms find their truth and voice.”


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