Confessions and Word-Vomit of an Unapologetic, First-time, Attachment-Style, Exclusively Breastfeeding, Stay-at-Home Mom

August 13, 2018


I wrote this article nearly two years ago and it still stands true. This is when the spark of KIRM began to manifest...


I start my day with snuggles in bed and an extremely happy baby smiling at me. I breastfeed on demand, and will continue to, as long as my daughter needs me to.  I rock and nurse my daughter to sleep and co-sleep with her at night. I’m lucky if I get to shower three times each week. Blowing my hair out has become a thing of the past. My daughter learns through exploration, everyday. If I get three consecutive hours of sleep, it was a “good” night.


Brushing my teeth always happens after breakfast. I believe in a holistic medical approach and homeopathic remedies. I make my own laundry detergent. Most days, I run on coffee and Jesus. I am painstakingly aware that I need to make time for myself. My favorite part of the day is watching my six-month-old army crawl to her daddy and investigate everything in her surroundings. My husband is my best friend and partner.


My “village” of mommies is incredibly supportive and reminds me of what this “Mom Life” is really all about. More often than not, my home will look like a tornado threw up. In my home, laughter can cure just about everything. As much as I laugh, I still have tearful moments…almost always, happy tears.  Chewing food is a luxury…inhaling it is necessary for one’s survival.


Unsolicited mommy advice is not welcome here. 


I planned for natural birth. 36 hours later, I had an emergency cesarean, which caused an internal infection that took me almost three months to physically overcome.  I’m proud of that scar. If you see me “out-and-about”, I’ll probably look like a hot mess, but my kiddo will be dressed to the 9’s. When I have “time” to myself, I clean.  My husband and I raise our child. I don’t have daily or weekly help from anyone while I run errands, pay bills, clean the house, make dinner, shop for groceries, etc. I have missed phone calls and outings with friends. I have carefully chosen new friends for this transitional part of life.


Losing old friends sucked, but I guess they weren’t the “life-long” type anyway. I eat cookies at least once a day. I wear my baby everywhere. I’m not perfect, but, I also don’t pretend to be, so I guess that makes it okay. I would do it all again, exactly the same way.



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