May 18, 2018

Our REAL Mom feature this week is literally an angel on earth. As I began to explore the future of KIRM and it's potential, it was necessary for me to go out of my "comfort zone" and ask for help. Trina Boyd is the owner and founder of FOUR businesses in the greater Charlotte area, including Women in Power, Inc., Babysitters of Charlotte and Life is Great Call Center Top Arise Virtual IBO. It's no mistake that I genuinely refer to her as an angel. In speaking with Trina, I learned that her sincere motivation for establishing such businesses is because she felt "called by God" to help others with her skill-set. Ready for the kicker??? She's a rock-star mom of THREE kiddos (Ages 11, 9, 1) while managing all of her businesses!!!


 Women In Power


Women in power is a non-profit organization that empowers women to become small business owners. Founder, Trina Boyd, coaches women through the process of becoming successful in their business! There is no limitation on the type of business, either. Whether you aspire to open an LLC, INC or even a Non-Profit (not limited to just the three mentioned business types!)- Trina has the skill-set, experience, and incredibly kind soul to guide AND empower you through the process of creating your own business. 


The biggest dream for Women In Power is to be able to help women all over the world, not only on a national level but on an international level. - Trina Boyd, Founder of Women in Power, Inc.


Trina Keeps it REAL


Juggling 4 businesses, constantly helping others, running a household and maintaining BALANCE through it all truly makes Trina a real-life Superwoman! We had a few questions on exactly HOW she does it!!!


KIRM: How do you balance work-life and mom-life?


Trina: I balance work-life by always scheduling everything which includes scheduling personal things as well, and notifying myself of even the small things.


KIRM: What was your business background that led you to have SUCH incredible experience?


Trina: The things that lead me to open up and found Women In Power was being called by God to do this, especially with my past experiences and learning from mistakes from previous businesses.


KIRM: If you could give one piece of wisdom to first-time moms, what would it be?


Trina: It’s never as bad as it seems. We all make mistakes so just keep pushing and be the best mom you can be.

Empowering Mothers


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