CAROLINA YOGA: Sizzle Into Summer!!!

May 9, 2018


Part of having a holistic perspective on wellness is learning how to balance ALL. THE. THINGS. As I entered motherhood, I recognized I was not allocating time for self-love and reflection...which led me down a dark and dreary path of postpartum anxiety. I had practiced yoga regularly in my pre-baby life but had a difficult time transitioning back to my practice after the cesarean operation and infection. NOW, there are no more excuses or obstacles in my path and I have begun to regularly practice again. I have found a GEM of a yoga studio in Fort Mill, SC called Carolina Yoga.




The overall vibe of the studio is not one of competition but of encouragement and support. Each time I participate in a class, I find myself leaving more centered and positive than when I entered the building. Not to mention the state of the art heated rooms and floors and a bathroom that resembles that of a five-star spa! They offer a series of classes based on their own curriculum including Basic, Hot Power, Power, Kids, Teen, Strength, Twilight and my personal favorite, Recover!




To encourage and motivate others to jump-start their summertime health goals, Carolina Yoga has established a "Sizzle Into Summer" challenge. You have the opportunity to earn points for each class, event, and workshop you attend. Posting on social media earns you points as well! The cost is only $10 to participate and you have the option of purchasing an awesome Buy 10, Get 5 FREE package!!!




To kick-off May the right way, I wanted to try something a little easier than my usual class and signed up for the "Basic" class. I mean, from the title you'd guess it was just a class introducing/reintroducing poses, minimal flow involved and a super slow pace...WRONG.


The instructor, Bettina, was phenomenal and she definitely made sure I was pushing myself just enough. She was also very aware that there were several levels of yogis attending and gave extension opportunities to those who could handle it but also offered alternative poses and holds for newer yogis. In the first 5 minutes, I was already working up a sweat and feeling fabulous.

At the end of the class, I acknowledged that my body had accomplished more than I had anticipated and I was VERY grateful for that particular practice. As per the class mantra, I did take "One small step forward" in my practice. I am truly anticipating my next experience at Carolina Yoga and cannot wait to share ALL. THE. THINGS with you!!!



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