REAL MOM FEATURE: Rosemary Stanley

May 4, 2018

It's no secret that I LOVE empowering other moms to share their's even better when I've been connected to featured moms through other REAL mom connections! I've recently connected with REAL Mom of the week, Rosemary Stanley, at the Women Rock Music Retreat! Little did she know, I was eyeing all of her doodles and sketches in her notebook and observed her natural artistic process. I genuinely admire individuals who can work with colors, textures and various mediums to create such beautiful art!


Rosemary is an incredible mama of two, sweet and energetic boys: John Paul (almost 5) and Henry (3). After transitioning to motherhood, she decided she needed something specifically for her. Since childhood, she had always been drawn (no pun intended!) to art and using art as a sort of therapeutic process. As she began generating more pieces of art, she began sharing her work on social media which inevitably led to her opening her own Etsy shop because people fell in LOVE with her work!


Here's the best part about Rosemary...her motivation for her shop is to help others! She created RosemaryAnn Designs as a side-gig from her 9-5 with a goal to empower others through the positive "vibe" of art and design. Additionally, she has recently established a "giving back" program with portions of the benefits being donated to a named charity.


"After having my kids, I really needed something that was totally for me. Something about creating art just soothed me and helped me deal with the huge life change that is becoming a parent."- Rosemary Stanley, Owner of RosemaryAnn Designs




We had to get the inside scoop on how Rosemary balances worklife, momlife, homelife, wifelife, her transition to motherhood and owning her small business! We had questions, she had answers...and she kept it REAL!


KIRM: How do you balance working a full-time job, motherhood and STILL make time for your passion??? 


Rosemary: Everyone asks me this. I don’t always do this very well. Sometimes I’m so exhausted I go to bed before 8pm. I feel super lucky though my full-time job is very forgiving. My boss, himself was a father of twins so he is very understanding of what being a working parent is like. I also have a really supportive team that has even come seen me play guitar! I also should mention my husband, Ken is SUPER supportive of my passions as well. I also don’t watch a ton of TV. Soon as the kids are in bed, I’m in my office painting or I’m practicing guitar. Sometimes when the kids are playing I’ll take their sidewalk chalk and draw on the sidewalk while they play (or help me). I also invite them to paint with me occasionally - though this does not usually mean *I* get to do much painting. I try and fit things into the time I have. It’s not always easy but I have and am learning that I am JUST AS important (if not more) as any other thing on my to-do list. And at the end of the day sometimes (more often than I’d like to admit probably) I have a huge pile of dishes that sits for longer than I’d like and piles of laundry waiting to be folded because I know that I need to take time for me and sometimes that means NOT having all the laundry folded the day it’s washed.


KIRM: Biggest struggle as you transitioned to motherhood?


Rosemary: Hands down it was just moving from being this independent woman to being “tied down”. What I mean is that after kids, you can’t just up and go to just any social event you want or even just enjoying a meal with your spouse! There's a whole song and dance about getting a babysitter and the kids have to actually be healthy AND you have to have some spare cash to pay the said babysitter. (Why do kids always get sick on days I have an important meeting?) So that was huge for me. Trying to figure out where the true ME fit into this picture. If I’m totally honest there have definitely been times I resented the little ones for that. I still miss some of the freedom that comes with being kid-less. But at the end of the day, there are ways to learn to make things easier. Babysitting swaps with some of my good friends is one of the best things I “learned” to ask for. We’d watch their kids one night so they could go out and then, in turn, they would take our kids for an evening. I also have made lots of really cool friends who are also parents so we do have lots of “play dates” where everyone can enjoy some social time.


KIRM: What is your favorite medium to work with? *Any trending art we should know about???


Rosemary: I started out with watercolor and it’s still a favorite but I’m totally loving dot painting with acrylics right now. I paint mandalas with dots and it’s just so meditative and I feel so relaxed when I make them! *Fluid painting is really cool and I always love looking at it. There are tons of workshops that are available to learn some of these really cool techniques.


KIRM: If you could give fellow mamas one piece of advice, what would it be?


Rosemary: You are doing awesome. We all have really shitty days and feel like we’re totally screwing up our kids. If all you can do is do things out of love and make an effort to dust yourself off and do better the next day, you’re doing great! Don’t worry about what other people tell you what you should be doing: Your intuition guides you so listen to it! Don’t be afraid to do something for yourself. You’ll be happier and then, in turn, your kids will be happier. Particularly on days where you’re feeling like you’re just barely surviving, celebrate because you DID it! You are not alone.








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