CAROLINA YOGA: Twilight Class Review

May 16, 2018

 After participating in a phenomenal Basics class and SUPER rejuvenating Recovery class, I was anxiously awaiting the Twilight class! Before I get into my actual review of the class, it’s only fair that I truly immerse readers in the actual ambiance of the studio.


In my first post featuring my journey with Carolina Yoga, I mentioned the bathrooms because, honestly, these bathrooms are 5-Star spa quality and deserved to be acknowledged. The studio itself is pristine- I mean CLEAN. I’m a germophobe, so cleanliness is a HUGE deciding factor on where I decide to practice. The actual studios at Carolina Yoga are various sizes for each individual class AND have the option to become “hot” yoga rooms. The studio floors give with your body weight, which is great for individuals with joint issues, like myself. Personally, I have a completely reconstructed left ankle and I’ve truly enjoyed their flooring and haven't had any issues with my ankle at this studio. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference in finding your perfect yoga studio. I’m happy to say, I’ve found mine!




I entered the classroom and my eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful flickering of (flameless) candles throughout the room. THAT immediately centered and grounded me to begin my practice. We started with some light stretching and gravitated to our first flow of the class. We moved through three different flows, which included various poses which could be extended for various skill levels.


The Twilight class brought peace to my heart and joy to my soul. -Danielle Adamczyk, Executive Director of K.I.R.M


Katie, our teacher for the evening, was extremely attentive and available to assist when necessary. She had such a positive and calming vibe, which definitely put me at ease during those more “trying” poses! We concluded class by trying out the “pose of the month” which is the arm stand...which I might actually achieve one day! I’m definitely looking forward to taking this class again. Click, here to schedule your first class!!!

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