April 27, 2018


Upon first meeting Ruth, I could sense she had a very genuinely kind and caring soul. Simply being in her presence evokes the calm in others. It wasn't until I met her several times that I realized calm was actually what she does, which totally made sense!  Our featured REAL Mom this week, Ruth Surface, is a licensed massage (Greenville Technical College 2011) and bodywork therapist (Greenville Technical College 2011) with a certification in Infant Massage (Infant Massage USA) and a passion for essential oils. To tie together all of her passions with an educational background, she obtained her bachelors of Health & Wellness Promotion from North Greenville University (2012). In regards to massage, wellness and just being an overall incredible mama, she's the REAL deal!




Ruth grew up in Africa as part of a missionary family and had her first massage on the magnificent shores of Bali. It was there that she first realized the extraordinary capacity of massage to facilitate the mending of the overall body, physically, mentally and spiritually. After attaining her certification in massage and bodywork, Ruth went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from North Greenville University in Greenville, South Carolina. The combination of the degree and certification gives her a unique understanding of anatomy and physiology greatly enhancing her clients’ massage experience.


Since 2011, Ruth has served clients in medical and spa settings alike. Her greatest joy, aside from her faith and her family, is in helping people to realize the potential of the body to mend itself when properly maintained.  Ruth is skilled in a wide variety of techniques including infant, prenatal, hot stone, Swedish and deep tissue. She is also well-versed in the use of different oils to augment the wellness process both through massage and aromatherapy.


*Bio Written by Tina Fussell*




Mended By Hand is a private, massage therapy and bodywork practice owned and operated by Ruth Surface. Within her private-practice, massage is customized for individual needs. Sometimes emotional needs are more important than physical needs. Ruth allows clients to learn more about themselves and what they truly need and more about what they can accomplish independently. It is truly an empowering experience!


Ruth has joined forces with Dr. Juliana Ekstam and her private chiropractic practice, Carolina Family Chiropractic, to offer a


more complete and holistic approach to massage and wellness. Ruth enjoys creating a combination of various methods to best fit the individual needs of each client.Her specialty areas include hot and cold stone therapy, prenatal massage, deep tissue and Swedish massage. She additionally offers aromatherapy with DoTerra essential oils during sessions. The most recent addition to her services includes a Himalayan salt detox massage!!!


Everyone can benefit from a massage, even children. - Ruth Surface


The most intriguing certification she currently holds is her Infant Massage certification. I previously had some experience using baby/infant massage but had no clue about the array of benefits for both mother/father and child. Ruth explains the targeted area of each motion, empowers parents to massage their children and educates clients and parents about the phenomenal benefits associated with each motion. This makes Ruth a truly stand-out massage therapist- it's easy to "do your job", but it takes a true effort to empower others to empower themselves.




We were intrigued to see how a massage therapist keeps it calm as a mom. Of course, Ruth suggested a good massage! She explained, "A massage is much more than a luxury; it is a moment to allow your body to focus on itself, to listen and to communicate your needs. It allows much-needed time to put all things aside and heal from within, to recharge." Her advice to other REAL moms (moms who keep it REAL):


Don’t be afraid to rest in your own intuition. There are such high expectations on mothers now a day and it seems like we hear so much conflicting advice from how to run our homes, how to raise our children, whether to work or not, how to maintain ourselves. From the moment we become moms, we are judged for everything we do because we are responsible for our little ones’ precious lives. We can choose to allow all of these voices to bring negativity and anxiety into our families and lives or we can make choices based on our intuition, our own research and our own values and stand firm in knowing we are doing what is best for our family. Never be afraid to ask for help or wisdom when you need it, and never be afraid to be an expert on your family! -Ruth Surface



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