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Holistic Mindset.

At Keep It Real Mommy, we encourage mothers to refocus on their entire self. We offer classes and creative workshops from a variety of professionals to empower your mind, encourage to you love your body, and revive your soul.


Empower your mind.

Nutritional Cooking

Love your body.

Designed Succulent Plant

Revive your soul.

Our Pillars

Mind. Body. Soul.


Life Coach

Transitioning to motherhood can dramatically change the balance of everyday life. Sometimes, it is easy to place our personal goals and passions on a back-burner. Our life coach will assist in you in restoring the balance and allowing yourself to dedicate time to your passions aside from motherhood.

  • Setting achievable goals​

  • Assisting you in realizing your inner passions

  • Encouraging you to fulfill your soul in an intentional manner


The process of motherhood often causes physical, hormonal, and emotional changes within our bodies. The societal pressure to "get your body back" after baby is at an all-time high. We strongly discourage dieting and highly encourage a healthy relationship with food. Loving yourself is an inside-out process. Our Nutritionist is available to assist you with:

  • Food Preparation

  • Balancing Portioned Meals

  • Grocery Tours

  • Understanding your relationship with food

  • Empowering you with healthier options according to your dietary needs

Counselor & Spritual Chaplain

As mothers, we all can benefit from having a safe, confidential, and unbiased 3rd party to talk to regarding the challenges of motherhood. It is more difficult to seek assistance and guidance when we ourselves are feeling defeated. At Keep It Real Mommy, we encourage ALL mothers to take time and tune into their inner selves and devote time to emotional healing. The sole process of birth and transitioning to motherhood can, in some cases, be traumatic. We applaud mothers for seeking the help they are in need of and so rightfully deserve. Our spiritual chaplain is available to assist in the following areas:

  • Postpartum Anxiety

  • Postpartum Stress

  • Birth Trauma

  • Loss & Grief 

  • Womens Issues

  • Infertiflity, IVF, IUI 

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